To receive credit for attending an event, enter the name of the event and a 3 sentence description below. Make sure that you complete this form for each of the 8 Jefferson Humanities & Health events you attended.

After you complete this form, make sure you also submit your reflection portfolio in PART 2 of the Asano Certificate.

This is Part 2 of the Asano Certificate--please make sure you have also completed Part 1 of the certificate on Submittable.

Prepare and submit a reflection portfolio of four (4) reflection prompts in response to four (4) Jefferson Humanities & Health events. For each reflection, you will have a choice of five (5) possible prompts.   
You will upload your reflections by the deadline below and a panel of faculty and staff reviewers will evaluate the reflections (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). You will be notified of the reviewers’ decision in April. 

Format: Responses, unless otherwise noted, should be 400-500 words. In the top left corner of each reflection, please include your name, campus key and the title of the event to which you are responding. Please double-space and use 12-point font.

Suggestions for Writing Reflective Entries:

  • A reflection is not a list of events, times and dates. It should include descriptions of sensory experience, concerns, insights, doubts, fears and critical questions about issues, people and, most importantly, yourself.
  • Honesty is very important. Write what you believe, not what you think other people (including faculty) want to hear.
  • Reflection offers the opportunity to think critically about what you have experienced. Before choosing a reflection prompt, take a moment to consider how you feel about the event. Was it a positive or negative experience? What were you thinking and feeling during the event? Did the event rely on one sense more than others? What impact, if any, did the event have on you or others? Once you have considered this, choose the reflection prompt that you feel matches your experience.

Reflection Prompts:  

For each of the 4 events, choose one of the prompts below. 

  1. Make a Creative Piece: Make a creative piece inspired by an event. May include: drawing, painting, poem, creative essay, short story, photograph, song, video, dance, recipe with picture, advertising brochure, etc. Please write a short description (100-150 words) of your inspiration and creative process.
  2. Who Decides What’s Best?: Using your experience of an Asano event as an example, please discuss the following: Who determines what is best for a person? For a family? For a community? What factors must be weighed to make such life-changing decisions?
  3. Three Words: Pick three words that describe your experience of an Asano event and describe what inspired the choices. What other parts of your life (personal or professional) relate to the words you chose?
  4. Agree or Disagree: Some of the concepts presented in Asano Events this year may have either confirmed or challenged your own views. Agree or disagree with an event, and support your argument. How do you see this issue affecting your own life, either personally or professionally?
  5. What?/So What?/Now What?: Follow the What? So What? Now What? Model of reflection. What=Describe the event. So What=Analyze the event and your feelings/reactions to it. Now What=What did you learn and how can you apply your insights from the experience moving forward?

Asano Humanities & Health Certificate guidelines were created with the assistance of Rhianna Hibbler, SKMC Class of 2022. The What? So What? Now What? model was adapted from Criteria and Assessment Feedback Form for Service Learning Journals developed by St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Tom Zladick, Ph.D. and Jefferson's Health Mentors program.

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